Rounded Shoulder Posture And How To Fix It

Rounded Shoulder Posture And How To Fix It

The Condition

We’ve all seen the research about the negative impact sitting for extended periods of time has on our health. But most of us have to sit, at least for a portion of the day. A common postural condition that comes from sitting for long periods of time is rounded shoulders. This is primarily due to the fact that we are always resisting gravity, and more often than not, gravity wins. Individuals typically do not possess the muscular endurance of the upper back and shoulders to maintain proper postural alignment against gravity when sitting, which ultimately leads to rounding the shoulders forward. When the shoulders are in a rounded position, the front muscles acting on the shoulders (pectoralis major and minor) become lengthened and weak. This can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

The Fix

A quick solution to help improve alignment is to lay face up on a large exercise ball to help improve thoracic extension range of motion. Next, stretch the pectoralis major and minor by extending your arms out to the sides, holding the stretch for 30 seconds. Try doing this a few times a day to start stretching these muscles out. The more one practices proper shoulder alignment, the more muscular endurance they will develop and thus will be able to resist gravity more effectively.

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